Our catering events include a menu that compliments your decor!

Our stunning falafel rice bowl topped with all the fixings.

Our founder Sumer serving up fresh falafel and smiles!

Freshly made falafel. Soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside.

Fresh Falafel on a bed of fragrant vermicelli rice.

Topping off our falafel pita!

Topping our beautiful bowls with crunchy falafel bites!

Molding fresh falafel into delicious patties.

Putting together a falafel rice bowl at a catering event.

Authentic Middle Eastern hummus.

Cucumber, tomato, and pickled sumac red onion.

Arabic salad is the a refreshing topping for crunchy falafel.

Middle Eastern pickles, turnips, and yellow chili peppers.

Our tasty homemade sauces! Zesty herb tahini, garlic sauce, and hot pepper sauce.